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Your Local Computer Services Company - Serving Manitoba

With our Managed IT Services, you get all the benefits of an IT department for a fraction of the cost without the hassle of staffing one yourself.

Leverage our cloud platform to reduce your capital expenditure and operating costs while ensuring a high performance server infrastructure.

Why Outsource Your Computer Services

Outsourcing IT and computer services saves time and money. Imagine having less staff to manage and fewer paychecks to deal with. You’ll never have to wait for the computer guy to get back from lunch before you can resume working. Why? Because the people in charge of servicing your computers are always available, reliable and fully-trained.

We’re more than just a quick computer fix

We offer Managed IT and Computer Services to businesses in the Manitoba and Western Canada. With over 40 years of combined business IT experience, we’re able to get to the heart of your company’s computer and networking issues and solve them quickly and efficiently, allowing you and your staff to get back to what you do best – running your business. Moreover, we’ll explain what’s happening in plain English. We prefer to leave the “geek-speak” to the other guys.

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