Complete IT support and network management
for small and medium-sized businesses

We work with businesses in Manitoba who knows that their computer system and IT operations are a vital part of their business. We offer a complete suite of services that are the perfect solution for an organization like yours, one who have more important issues to deal with than the state of your compute network, but whose network is critical for day-to-day operations. Below are the various computer service and IT support options we offer.  Contact us today and we will provide you a customized quote that best fits your business needs.

On-Site IT and Remote Services
Whether you require on-site support or remote IT service, you get all the IT support from us to run your business effectively. We offer both options and can customize a support package to meet you business needs.
Ongoing Managed Services
We offer ongoing computer and IT support services with guaranteed levels of availability to ensure your uptime needs are met. We become your IT department, allowing you to focus on running your business, not your network.
Computer Services and Repair
Why spend hours trying to resolve IT issues like unreliable networks, server failures or computer viruses when you can contact us and we’ll fix your business computers and IT issues quickly and efficiently.
Computer and IT Services We Provide
We provide a complete suite of computer support and IT support services for small and medium-sized businesses
Networking Control
Monitoring and continuing maintenance of your local area, wide area and virtual private networks and domain.
IT Consulting
Frequent network health reports and regular IT strategy meetings.
Essential Server Monitoring
Monitoring of the vital systems of your servers.
IT Procurement Assistance
Our IT consultants work with you to help you make optimal and cost-efficient technology choices.
Backup Essential
Monitoring and continuing maintenance of your local area, wide area and virtual private networks and domain.
Remote Response
Technicians work remotely on your network to resolve issues as they arise.
On-site Response
Technicians are dispatched to your office when and if IT support issues arise. This service is included in our Unlimited Onsite IT Support Bundle.
Security Basics
Ensuring your existing network security investment is doing its job
Network Maintenance
Preventative maintenance plan with allowance for client support requests.
PC Care & Maintenance
Ongoing preventative maintenance of your PCs to make them more reliable and secure.
Data Recovery
Recovery services to retrieve vital, lost information if a failure or crash occurs.
Priority Client Response
Focusing on your needs above all else.
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